Lirik Lagu Reza Oktovian – Cookie Jar


Flow too windy I got too many fans
Ice colder than the winter in Japan
All of the fakes they wanna be your friends
Only looking for the Clout on the gram
Buy my mama some Gucci
Boss move can’t move me
And I’m living in your dreams
I think my life is a movie

Why are they hating me for?
Haters so good on the keyboard
Gimme head till her knee sore
Up and down like a seesaw

Just got a cheque in the mail
Looking at my face you can tell
Trying so hard but you fail
Need my photo for ya thumbnail

[Bridge 2x]
It’s best you leave me alone
You don’t want no game of thrones
All of y’all lookin like clones
I’m in a different timezone

[Chorus 2x]

Why everybody wanna be a star?
I’m just trying to return to mars
Zooming through space in my car
Your girlfriend in my cookie jar

Shock the world, issa teaser
Drop a punch Joe Frazier
My words they cock like a knife
Why you think they call me Reza?

[Bridge 2x]
[Chorus 2x]

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