Lirik Lagu Gallant – Bourbon

LYRICS Gallant - Bourbon

i’m a headless horseman on quilted sand dunes.
with my neck wide open, i pray for refuge

cuz since I’ve been found i’ve been living a life in cages
withering down to the champagne quicksand
wrestling doubt i’ve been dragging around for ages
i tried to let it drain but my veins are hopeless

cuz I loved in cold blood and got used to it
angels say trust the detox,
but I’m shaking I need it like bourbon in my coffee cup

i’m a tritone bible with misprint logic;
i count lunar cycles with faithless prophets

i’m a mountainless valley
never comforted crashing
i’m just another stone on broken walls
racing the wind in a hurricane i’m not as brave as i once was
i’ve been kicking these rocks in a river and they’ve been sinking low

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