Most people, who are remotely interested in topics related to investments, financial news, money, and fintech, often check for contents, blogs and articles online. Even before selecting a financial service or advisor, users tend to check for reviews and other details on Google. It is not surprising that most of the well-built and informative websites of this niche enjoy good readership. If you want to launch a website related to a financial business or allied sectors, it is absolutely important to review the trends and decode the actual meaning of web design for this niche. In this post, we take a look at aspects that matter.

Hiring a designer vs. using a website builder

Financial websites and blogs often tend to be heavy on content and information, and people trust these websites for details, security and privacy. In short, you cannot have a finance or fintech website without using an SSL certificate. Before you go ahead and finalize the design, consider the idea of using a website builder. While web developers and designers come in handy for creating custom themes, website builders are often better, because you get features and tools for almost everything, right from SEO to SSL certificate and online marketing. You can check online for website builder reviews to pick one, but Wix and Weebly are great for finance blogs, basic websites for money/banking/finance related websites.

Trends and tips at a glance

  • The first trend that we would recommend is minimalism. While you can always use animation, videos and navigation effects to design a website, make sure that you are not overdoing it. Keep the overall design simple, so that readers can browse contents easily.
  • Keep an eye for easy fonts. The font for a finance website makes a big difference. You want to be absolutely sure that the font looks amazing on all screen sizes, and it should be readable. Avoid italic and complicated ones.
  • Add more text and videos in the background. You may have long posts and contents on such niche sites, but that doesn’t mean that the website has to look boring. You can break the static nature of text content by adding more videos, pictures in the background, although keep the color of the background light.

Finally, make sure that the website logo, color mix are in sync with the brand you are representing. For new websites, you may want to get branding details in place before going ahead to the design.